Haystack Pet Resort is a state of the art boarding facility! We offer both runs and
VIP Suites. All flooring is hydronically heated and during those hot summer
months, we also offer air conditioning.

All dogs, unless requested by the owner, go outside for play time at least four
times a day. We can, however,  mold their schedule to your specifications. You
are welcome to bring as much or as little of their belongings as you like. We
provide bedding, food and water bowls, toys, and in the suites, we also offer
raised beds. And to keep your pets company during nap times and at night, we
have satellite radio continually playing in the runs, and Animal Planet on the
televisions in the VIP Suites.
One of our primary concerns is to make sure your pets have the most
comfortable and least stressful experience possible while staying with us. We
accomplish this by attentive, personal care of each pet while  they are in our
care. Being that we are also a veterinary hospital, you can rest easy knowing
that the latest in veterinary technology is available to your pet in case of an
emergency. All  medications are also available to your animal, provided they are
a patient of ours and have received a physical exam.
Cats are also welcome at Haystack Pet Resort! In fact, they have an entire
room to themselves. We offer cat condos and also regular boarding cages.
Cats rotate their time out of their condos or cages for "kitty play time" at least
once a day.
As a perk while staying in a VIP Suite, Animal
Planet plays on your pets' own personal
For more information or to make a reservation:
Carter Animal Hospital & Haystack Pet Resort
We also offer bird boarding! Just bring along all of their food and bedding
needs! We don't have special bird cages here so make sure and bring yours
with you!
Haystack Pet Resort