At Carter Animal Hospital we make it a priority to offer the latest in veterinary technology for both
small and large animals. By being one of our clients, your pets will have access to these
technologies at their "paw" tips, from ultrasonic dental procedures to digital radiographic imaging.  
We also offer a home away from home for your pets in our state of the art boarding facility. Take a
look below!
Small Animal & Equine Hospitalization
Our clinic is equipped with the latest in technological instruments to aid in your animals recovery. We
have both treatment cages and large runs for hospitalized small animals. We also have two large
paddocks and a round pen for our larger Equine friends should they need to stay with us throughout
their recovery.

24 Hour Emergency Care
No matter what time of day or night, you can always reach a veterinarian at Carter Animal Hospital.
After regular clinic hours, the doctor on-call will have the phones transferred to their own cell phone.
You will never fail to have a timely return call! Just call
307-883-4758 to be connected to our on-call

Diagnostic Laboratory Testing
In a small community such as Star Valley, it can be difficult to assume that all diagnostic services will
be available to you and your pet. Carter Animal Hospital brings these diagnostic tools to you,
whether we can be of service here at our hospital or refer you to another hospital that can serve
you. We are able to accomplish most diagnostics in our in-house chemistry and hematology lab, or
through Antech Diagnostics, a national veterinary diagnostic laboratory.

Digital Radiographic Imaging and Specialty Consultation
Technology has granted us the luxury of having digital x-ray. While we still use our traditional film
method of radiography, we now have increased diagnostic abilities with our digital x-ray machine.
This allows the doctors to have the images readily available for an immediate diagnosis while they
are in the field practicing on horses. Digital x-ray is also widely used in small animals at our clinic.
Owners are able to take these images home on a compact disc. When specialized consultation is
required, we are able to email all digital x-rays, resulting in a quicker diagnosis and more timely

We also offer ultrasound technology so that we may examine your animal internally without having to
perform exploratory surgery. We can also use this method for pregnancy detection, both in small
and large animals, and estrous detection in horses. This method is a great diagnostic tool in the
examination of tendons in performance horses as well.

Dental Care
Maintaining a clean mouth is one of the most important aspects of a healthy pet. Dental disease
leads to infections that can cause heart and kidney problems. During your pets yearly physical exam
we inspect the health of their gums and teeth. Should they need a cleaning, we offer advanced
ultrasonic technology to chip away tarter and polish the enamel. This procedure requires the animal
to be under general anesthesia, so preanesthetic  blood work may be required.

General Surgery
Both Dr. Carter and Dr. Pachie have extensive experience in performing routine surgeries, as well
as emergency soft tissue surgeries. Whether your pet has a bowel obstruction or simply needs a
spay or neuter, our surgical staff is equally trained in all aspects to provide the best care for your
animal. We use heated surgical tables, pulse oximeter machines to measure BPM and Oxygen
Saturation while under anesthesia, and offer laser surgery and electrosurgery to minimize bleeding
and tissue damage while maximizing healing time.  

Dr. Carter has completed specialized training in performing the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy
(TPLO). A TPLO is a surgery performed on dogs designed to stabilize the stifle joint after rupturing
the cranial cruciate ligament. For more information about this procedure, click
here. You may also
call our office anytime for information and references. For a copy of our post-surgical instructions,
here. Dr. Carter also performs fracture repairs in both dogs and cats, as well as herniated disc
repairs of the spine.

Boarding at Haystack Pet Resort
Come stay with us! We offer a top of the line boarding facility, backed by the knowledge and love of
animals that can only create a wonderful boarding experience for your pets! For more information
and to view pictures of our boarding facility, click
24 hour on-call emergency services available